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CETUS HEALTH GROUP (CHG) is a specialized distributor of healthcare and laboratory products. We sell and market products mainly to hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, and science laboratories. Cetus was established 1995 and has built its success in marketing and selling equipment and tools to hospitals and healthcare institutions. Over the years Cetus has been recognized for good reputation for offering quality service and products. Currently there are 4 employees working at the company, well educated and specialized in their fields.
For years many known manufacturers have been in a co-operation with Cetus, e.g. Boule Medical, Hemocue,Cellavision, Alfa Wasserman, Sakura Finetek, Sanyo Biomedical, Nova Biomedical, Zeiss, Thermo Scientific and more.

In the fast growing division of healthcare products, we work with wound care manufacturers Lohmann & Rausher, OneMed group companies and Flexicare Medical.
We also are in co-operation with other various companies in the health care field, to name a few: Innovacon, PDI, and Andover coated Products Inc. It is our ambition to grow the company further and maintain the good relationship we have with our partners, as well as establish new business contacts.

Our goal is to offer quick and reliable sale and service, sould by our company in close cooperation with our suppliers.

Feel free to contact Cetus if there are any questions or comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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